The Manifestation of Compassion

Peace is not just the absence of violence but the manifestation of human compassion. – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

We hope this email finds you peaceful and happy. As we plan to grow the Charter for Compassion, we are reflecting on the many signs of peace and compassion among us today. These voices grow in confidence as we respond to the harmful rhetoric around an Islamic community center in New York and an unprecedented natural disaster in Pakistan. Opportunities for dialogue, compassionate action, empathy, altruism, and forgiveness are in abundance and we invite you all to rise to the challenge for a more compassionate world.

Charter Updates

This fall, we begin our focus on three key initiative areas for the Charter — youth engagement,  compassionate cities, and congregational life and interfaith dialogue. Resource development, partner engagement, and website enhancements are also part of this work. We will share more details with you over the following weeks and look forward to working with you to spread the Charter for Compassion.

In November, the Charter for Compassion celebrates its first anniversary. To honor this special day, we are planning an exciting event in conjunction with the United Nations in New York City. More information to follow! As you continue to hold events that celebrate the Charter, November would be a wonderful time to renew your commitment to compassion and plan to celebrate the anniversary. As an example, Amsterdam continues to inspire us with their planning and commitments. Mozes & Aaronkerk recently offered an update:

On November 11, Charter supporters will celebrate compassion with lectures, workshops, music and a Hindu fire ritual. On November 20, TEDxYouth @Amsterdam will participate in TEDxYouthDay in support of the Charter culminating with a presentation of the Dutch translation of the Children’s Charter for Compassion.