It’s been only four days since TEDxAmsterdam 2010 took place. We’ve received many requests about when the talks are going to be found online. And…they are right now! We’ll tell you where you can find them in this newsletter, but first two well deserved thank you’s:

  • One company deserves a special mention in this first newsletter after TEDxAMS 2010, and that is Feller Media. Not only did they record and stream all talks on 30 November… they also published a wonderful series of interviews with speakers and team members, and to top it all off, they have edited all talks to put them online within two days after event. Wow! Marck Feller and crew, amazing work!


  • Another company that was essential to the success of the event is the production company Live Solutions. Whatever small dreams we had, they turned into awesome reality. Think of the stage props alone: a car, a plane, 700 kilos of icecubes, a small snow storm, a swing for aliens … Whatever we dreamt of, Xander and his crew made it reality.